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SMS Marketing

SMS is the most visited application as well. People are spending at least 4-5 hours daily on SMS messenger, which gives a chance of marketing that is highly targeted, most visible, and media rich.

SMS supports – videos, images, GIFs, text documents, visiting cards, location services. There is also a high chance of getting a quick response from the interested users as the visibility of SMS is quite high as compared to any other application or social media platforms.

SMS marketing software supports multiple tools which ease the process of advertising and campaigns like:

SMS Filter Tool: With the help of this tool 1 million numbers can be filtered in 1 hour based on countries code and other parameters. The contacts can be imported into an Excel file and can be used further.

SMS Sending Tool: It is the most powerful tool for campaign management as it can be used bulk SMS marketing to send bulk messages at once to a large audience.


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social hub media services

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